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Night Sage

An exciting yet elegant live music experience

Fronted by the vocal power trio of former American Idol star Maddie Assel and the award-winning, multi-instrument virtuoso John Schreiner, Night Sage is an unforgettable performance experience. The group’s catalogue focuses on energetic top 40 selections and perfectly delivered iconic hits stretching back as far the 1960’s. Since their launch in early 2019, Night Sage has garnered ecstatic reviews from private clients and public audiences alike, because simply put, they offer a level of quality beyond all expectation. Elegant, effervescent, and exhilarating: Night Sage.


Night Sage can support ceremonies with instrumentalists/vocalists or cocktail hour with jazz/fusion standards.  Their line-up can be customized from a trio to six piece in order to fit your requirements and maintains both male & female lead vocalists. Night Sage is sponsored and managed by Xen Live, A next-generation entertainment company serving the DC area.  Contact us now for a free consult!

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